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I realised the other day that I’ve never posted about my YouTube channel on my blog! So, to rectify that, here is a little taster. The Video below is all about pond dipping, and it was filmed during the Spring of 2012. Regular readers of the blog will know that I love nature and the outdoors, and my books are bursting with references to and descriptions of British nature. Anyway, have a little look and see what you think!

Check out my YouTube channel here.

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X wins Best Short Story at the eFestival of Words!

I’m thrilled to write that has won Best Short Story at the eFestival of Words! The first thing to say is a massive thank you to the judges who chose as a finalist, and of course to all the amazing people who voted for me!

I really enjoyed writing X and to have it recognised with an award is a real honour. The plot is quite a dark one, but I always felt it was a story worth telling and the reaction I’ve had has been beyond amazing. In fact, I enjoyed the experience of so much it has essentially inspired my upcoming full-length novel (more on that here).

To view the full list of eFestival 2014 winners, click here.

will be released as part of Six Short Stories in Spring 2015.

Thank you for reading!

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Preview: Six Short Stories

I’m excited to finally announce a few details about a little side project I’ve been working on. It’s a collection of six short stories ingeniously titled, Six Short Stories and it will be released in Spring 2015. The blurb is below as well as a sneaky preview of the first story, Dylan.

Six Short Stories

A collection of six incidents, memories and curiosities. Some of these short stories are happy, some of them are not so happy. It’s difficult to tell whether any of them are related, such quandaries are never resolved easily.

Includes the eFestival of Words Best Short Story 2014, X.

Dylan (Preview)

Are you sure nobody is watching you right now?

There are good versions of the being watched feeling; that buzz you get when you catch an attractive person looking at you, or when someone is watching you play an instrument and you can tell they’re impressed. Stuff like that. But then there is the bad version. That eerie, nauseating feeling that your actions are being monitored, analysed even. It’s that same feeling the old black and white movies are so obsessed with; some PI trudging through the rain in a trench coat and upturned collar, his slick Chicago voiceover announcing, I couldn’t shake the feeling I was bein’ tailed. But in real life it’s not thrilling, it’s not something you can brush off whilst you woo a dame and solve a mystery, it’s stifling.

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What’s Next?

The last three years have been awesome. I’ve self-published the three novels which constitute the Tethers trilogy, posted numerous articles and blogs all over the net, and my short story, X won Best Short Story at the eFestival of Words 2014. But you have to look forward in life, right? And this post is all about what’s next for me.

So, the first thing to say is that I’m working hard on a new novel, one that I’ve mentioned a few times now; Wye. The book is a sixteen-year-old girl’s diary, written as she and a small group trek across an England reverting back to nature. Here’s a preliminary blurb/teaser:

Wye is losing hope. Sixteen and travelling through a rich wilderness with three other teenagers, she should be having the time of her life. And she would be if it weren’t for the things hunting her; the tireless creatures desperate to tear her and her friends limb from limb. This is Wye’s last chance at salvation, this is her journal.

I’ve been working on the book for a while now and it’s probably about half finished. The second thing to say is that I’m going to try and publish Wye traditionally. Now, this is in no way because I’ve come to see self-publishing as a poor option, far from it. I’ve been immensely grateful for the freedom and opportunities self-publishing has afforded me, and I rate the process very highly indeed. But, with the growing army of indie authors out there, it can be very hard to get noticed. I’m immensely grateful for the reaction and reviews that Tethers has garnered, but I think, with Wye, I want to try and reach a bigger audience and I know the expertise and influence of a traditional publishing house is the best way to do that.

That being said, it won’t be easy. Agents/publishers receive hundreds of queries a week and getting out of ‘the slush pile’ will no doubt be a difficult task. But I firmly believe that Wye is the best thing I’ve ever written, and I’m more than willing to work as hard as I possibly can and give it my best shot! After all, some my author friends have already managed it and they’re being so generous with lots of lovely encouragement and advice.

One more thing! On top of Wye, I’ve also been working on a little side project. The project (I like to refer to it as ‘6SS’) is actually already finished and ready to make an appearance next year. More on that  here.

Stay tuned and, remember, a new post from me every Sunday!

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