2013: A year in retrospect

This time last year, I massively ripped off my good friend Dan Thompson and wrote a post reflecting on 2012 gone by. Well, at the risk of sounding slightly self-indulgent, I’ve decided to do it again in order to muse over what’s happened this year, to say my thank yous, and to hint at what the future might hold!

I suppose the first major thing that I did last year was to publish Tethers in February. I have been so thrilled with the response I have had to the book, people have been so supportive and open-minded about giving a rookie author a chance. On top of that, the lovely and superbly-written reviews I’ve received have (quite literally) had me jumping for joy. Thanks largely to book bloggers and the writing/reading community at large, the ebook was popular enough to merit a paperback release in aid of ME Research UK. A gargantuan thanks to fabby author/editor/superstar Sharon Sant for editing the book free of charge simply because of the charity connection.

In early September I put out my second release X, a short horror story that somehow went on to become an Amazon best-seller. I think is probably the best thing I’ve ever written,  and, once again, I am humbled by the fact that readers were willing to give it a go and say such nice things about it. I can now reveal  that a full novel set in X’s dystopian world is well underway, set roughly a year after the events of X. It’s working title is Wye but I’m not entirely sure when it will be released. However, the sequel to TethersUnwovenis nearly complete and will be out in the spring.

Other 2013 highlights have included producing a series of posts with other writers about the importance of libraries, the continued growth of Unpopular Science, and all the fun I’ve had reviewing other people’s books and films!

But, most importantly, I want to say a huge thank you to anyone who has bought and read any of my books, and to anyone who has helped me with a RT, share or mention during 2013. It all helps so very much I can’t even begin to thank you guys enough. I also want to give a special mention (in no particular order) to some wonderful people who have donated their time and effort in order to help my bookish cause:

Charlie Harvey, for making this site and designing the wonderful Tethers book cover.

Liz from LizLovesBooks, for all your help with online promotion and for being an amazing friend.

Dan Thompson and Sharon Sant, for sharing so many great resources and for all the much-needed help and advice.

Charlie Morris, for giving me my first big review on MuggleNet.

My über talented brother Jason Croxall, for his video promo and for the help spreading the word.

Meg from Reading in the Sunshine, for being Karl and Esther’s best friend.

Victoria from Victoria Loves Books, for being so enthusiastic and for all the articles you’ve involved me in.

My awesome Tweeps; Holly Martin, Terry Tyler and Isobel Brown for all the buzz.

Camila Ruz, for being such an inspiration and for being so encouraging.

And Archie, for being the best puppy-dog in the whole wide world!

Obviously there are so many more awesome people I could and should thank but my site is only oh-so big!!

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  1. Bren said:

    Happy New Year Jack. Nice blog. Happy for you that you have had success in 2013 may you find inspiration and energy for further success in 2014.

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