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(Second) Author Interview: Dan Thompson

I’ve been lucky enough to interview YA fantasy author Dan Thompson on this site before. But with the release of his new book The Golden Lyre last week, I thought it was time to check back in! Your new novel, The Golden Lyre is the sequel to The Black Petal. How does… continue reading »

Author Interview: Zoë Markham

Last year I did a joint interview with the ace Zoë Markham. It was so much fun that, after I read her latest release White Lies, I knew I needed to talk to her again! Below is the full interview (which originally appeared on Liz Loves Books). Schools and school life are an… continue reading »

In Conversation With Zoë Markham

A while back I did a two way interview with the ace Zoë Markham. We compared her novel Under My Skin to my Wye and we discussed lots of other bookish things too. The interview was originally posted on Zoë’s blog but it was so much fun I thought I’d share it here as well!… continue reading »

Social Media Questions!

As a little experiment, I’ve been asking people to send me questions on anything and everything over social media. My plan was to make a blog post answering them all, no matter how devious and tricky they might be. Well, I had a landslide of questions (roughly a third on… continue reading »