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Five reasons to love sci-fi!

A pretty simple post, here are five reasons to love sci-fi! 1.) Sci-fi isn’t afraid to tackle BIG issues Sci-fi stories can be set far in the future, they can take place on distant worlds. But, really, they’re about the issues that affect us in the here and now. For… continue reading »

Why I love (and write in) the YA genre

I remember the moment I first wanted to become a writer. I was sitting in my early-teenage bedroom reading The Amber Spyglass between stints of homework, GameCube and playing electric guitar badly, when *spoiler alert* star-crossed adolescents Lyra and Will were forced into parallel universes never to see each other… continue reading »

Why I love post-apocalyptic fiction

Our world will end. This is not conjecture, this is a stark and unavoidable fact. Unless we can master interstellar space travel, the sun’s evolution into a planet-engulfing red giant will ultimately spell the end for humanity. Fortunately, it’s a few billion years before we have to worry about that.… continue reading »

Defining ‘young adult fiction’

I read lots of genres but young adult (YA) is almost certainly my favourite. I started reading YA novels around my mid-teens and never really stopped; I suppose the addition of gritty coming of age storylines to the themes and styles found elsewhere in the vast spectrum of fiction has… continue reading »