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That Couple (Spoken Word)

Last year I posted an alternative Christmas poem entitled, Forgotten Carol. Well, this year, I’ve written another one! This time I thought I’d perform it on video, have a little go at some spoken word poetry. I hope you like it! You can check out my YouTube channel here. Do let me… continue reading »

Second Wye Bonus Scene

What follows is an entry from Theodosia’s journal. As soon as this page was written Theodosia tore it out of her notebook and fed it to her campfire. Similar to the first discarded entry, the reasons for her actions are unclear. Zombies are strange creatures. We have no idea where they came from,… continue reading »

Wye Bonus Scene

What follows is a page from Theodosia’s journal. As soon as this particular entry was written Theodosia ripped it out, screwed it up and discarded it. The reason why is unclear. I remember an interview I heard on the radio. It was with a man from Sweden who’d wanted to… continue reading »

Forgotten Carol

* They say that Christmas is a time for cheer, For mirth and jest with all those you hold dear, But who is this they and what do they know? Do they not sense what comes with the snows? * Because twinkling lights, kind gifts and trees, Are not the… continue reading »