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Five reasons to love sci-fi!

A pretty simple post, here are five reasons to love sci-fi! 1.) Sci-fi isn’t afraid to tackle BIG issues Sci-fi stories can be set far in the future, they can take place on distant worlds. But, really, they’re about the issues that affect us in the here and now. For… continue reading »

The end of us

From the mighty Tyrannosaurs rex to the itty-bitty Tobias’ caddisfly, 98% of all species ever to have existed on Earth are now extinct. Whilst it seems unthinkable that humanity is no different to our doomed predecessors, our days are probably numbered too. So, how might humanity meet its end? Let me count… continue reading »

Scientists in fiction

Science and scientists are a huge part of our society. So, perfectly reasonably, a good number of men and women in white have had starring roles in our fiction. Be it in books, comics, or even on the silver screen, there really are a vast array of fictional scientists influencing… continue reading »

Pokémon biology!

Those were the days. Training up a super-squad of Pokémon on your Game Boy, draining enough AA’s to power a minor principality in the process. Of course, in the eighteen years since Pokémon was first released, generations of players have discovered the charm of Nintendo’s monster franchise. With Pokémon’s ability to… continue reading »