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New covers for Tethers and X

Just a quick note to say that Tethers and X have shiny new book covers! Do let me know what you think!                     Tethers is available via Amazon UK now. X is available via Amazon UK now.

Mended by Laura Lovelock (A Tethers Fan Fiction)

I used to be a bit dubious of fan fiction, but I have to say that I’ve completely changed my mind about it. It’s utterly fascinating to see what people do with other writers’ characters and worlds (as long as it’s not gratuitous, offensive or designed to make money of… continue reading »

Scientists in fiction

Science and scientists are a huge part of our society. So, perfectly reasonably, a good number of men and women in white have had starring roles in our fiction. Be it in books, comics, or even on the silver screen, there really are a vast array of fictional scientists influencing… continue reading »

Tethers: a visual representation of the text

Above is a visual representation of my novel,┬áTethers.┬áThe larger a word is in the picture, the more times it appears throughout the book. The graphic was produced using Wordle, and you can click on the image to see it in full. Wordle is a useful tool for identifying words you… continue reading »