Tethers: a visual representation of the text

Above is a visual representation of my novel, TethersThe larger a word is in the picture, the more times it appears throughout the book. The graphic was produced using Wordle, and you can click on the image to see it in full.

Wordle is a useful tool for identifying words you might have overused in your book, but it’s also brilliant for delving deeper into a finished text too. Just from glancing at the graphic, you get an immediate sense of how much each character appears throughout the story, with ‘Karl’ and ‘Esther’ clearly at the forefront of the adventure. Interestingly, ‘Dufor’ is relatively tiny despite Mr Dufor being the novel’s main antagonist. I was actually glad to see this, however, because, whilst I was writing the book, I wanted Dufor to be a kind of ghostly presence; a character rarely seen but whose actions are clearly and consistently felt by the central duo.

Other sizable words include ‘Notebook’, ‘Stratham’ and ‘Viniculum’. I imagine this is probably because they are all components of the inciting incident; the reason Karl and Esther are drawn into the conspiracy in the first place. One thing that did surprise me when I first looked at the image was the size of ‘Shona’. Shona’s name isn’t even mentioned until Chapter Nine, but the size of her visual representation signifies just how vital she is to the plot.

Anyway, if you happen to notice any other interesting nuggets, do let me know!

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6 responses to Tethers: a visual representation of the text

  1. lemedlock said:

    Ah, tag clouds. Wordle tells me when I’ve been using ‘turned’ too many times. Or ‘something’. There’s just something about the word something…

  2. sharonsant said:

    I’ve had wordle recommended before too, I might give it a try now 🙂

  3. ohsomebody said:

    that is brill, i made a fab one, not sure how to post or save it though x

  4. erini said:

    Worlde -I guess that replaces ‘Find and replace’ I have been using for my novel. Thanks!

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