2018 Recap

At the end of last year I posted a 2017 recap so I thought I’d write another one for 2018 and make it a tradition. To start with, here’s my new author photo. The one I’d been using up until now was taken way back in 2011! Whoops!

In February, I started blogging for the fantastic website Allies Everywhere. Throughout the year I’ve posted monthly on the site, mainly on living with chronic illness (I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome) but I’ve talked about other issues too. Personal highlights have included writing about some of the difficult things you have to hear when you’re chronically ill, as well as reporting on indie video games and the amazing things they’re doing for health awareness.

I’ve written for other sites too, talking about celebrity culture on Addicted To Media, Pokémon biology and Nintendo Switch on Square XO, and I’ve written a trio of short, spooky fishing stories for Fishing Magic. I was also proud to have a short story about my struggles with chronic illness featured on the arts and literary website, Blanket Sea, and to cameo in this Guardian article talking about my favourite movie podcast, The Cinemile.

When it comes to long-form writing, I’ve been putting a lot more time into scriptwriting. I’ve written several scripts over the past couple of years and one of them, a feature-length horror screenplay, was shortlisted in 2018’s Rebel Muse Unsigned Screenwriters Showcase.

I’ve also co-written a short film with my brother this year, Death Knock. The film is about journalistic ethics and, at the time of writing, filming is about half finished. Death Knock is the first writing I’ve ever had filmed and it’s been amazing to watch talented actors bring the scenes to life under my brother’s direction. It shouldn’t be too long before everyone can watch the finished product so please stay tuned for updates!

Finally, all the best to you and yours for 2019!

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