Forgotten Carol: A Festive Poem

Forgotten Carol


They say that Christmas is a time for cheer,

For mirth and jest with those you hold dear,

But who are they? And what do they know?

Do they not sense what comes with the snows?

Because bright lights, gifts and pointed trees,

Are not the only things the learned will see,

When the nights grow long and the days turn cold,

Out they come creeping, cruel, cunning and olde.

2 thoughts on “Forgotten Carol: A Festive Poem

  1. Wow! That’s an amazing poem you wrote!

    Personally, I find winter the hardest time of my life. I get more aches and pains in the winter. I love how you point that out, how they come out “creeping, cruel, cunning and olde.” That’s pretty much how my body feels in the winter!

    1. Thanks so much! That’s an interesting interpretation of the poem. I can’t actually remember what I meant by “they” (I wrote this poem so long ago now!) But if that’s what you think it means then that’s what it means. And I know exactly what you mean too! The cold seems to get into my joints and make things so much worse! Grrr!!

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