Release: Unwoven and Torn

I am excited to write that the sequel novellas to my novel Tethers are out now! Below is the cover for the Unwoven and Torn bundle as well as a blurb!

‘They came in the night, as their quarry slept.’

Almost eighteen months on from the terrible events of Halholham and so much has changed. Karl and Esther no longer speak to each other and Mr Cauldwell has been ostracised by Shraye and its fickle residents. But the three of them will not be parted for much longer because a shadow is growing in the west, a shadow which will reunite them in the name of all they have lost.

Sequel novellas Unwoven and Torn are the second and third books of the Tethers trilogy.

You can view Unwoven and Torn on Amazon by clicking here.

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