If you’re reading this you’ll probably know that I’ve penned a few novels in my time. But over the last two years or so I’ve quietly been trying to add another string to my bow: screenwriting!

It was always the plan to try my hand at screenwriting. In fact, becoming a professional screenwriter is my ultimate writing goal. However, I know I’ll never stop writing novels and articles, so I guess I’m actually taking a three-pronged approach to my writing career. Putting more time and energy into screenwriting is simply the next step in my development.

So, it’s all well and good saying that I want to be a screenwriter, but have I actually written any scripts? Well, yes, I have! The only one to have emerged in any form so far is Zed. Zed was an interactive story I scripted out and live tweeted via @ZedAndDaddy over the course of four days. I suppose it’s not really a screenplay in the conventional sense, but it was story/dialogue that was written by me for the (computer) screen. If you want to have a read of Zed the account is still up and I also wrote a making of blog post that you can read here.

Of course, I have written some conventional screenplays too. I didn’t think my first was up to much, but I’m very proud of the feature-length one I’m working on now. I recently entered it in the Rebel Muse Unsigned Screenwriters Showcase and was thrilled to have it shortlisted by the judges. This accolade actually gave me the confidence to write this post and made me believe that I could genuinely make it as a screenwriter with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work.

However, I’m currently a screenwriter with no films to his name. I’m pleased to write that I’m working on changing that. I have a filmmaker brother and together we’re working on bringing my aforementioned shortlisted screenplay to the screen, as well as a short film we’ve written together. My brother Jason is a talented director with years of industry experience and he’s directed lots of amazing short films. You can watch them via his vimeo page and one of them (Static) even includes a little cameo from me.

I guess all that’s left to say is watch this space!

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