Scruffy (Short Story)

Because I’m sad Daddy found me a new friend. He’s not a pedigreez. I called him Scruffy because his fur is all tufty and scruffy. His old owner lives in the next town and Daddy says Scruffy can visit her sometimes.

Scruffy was sleeping earlier. I think he was dreaming of his old owner because he kept saying Mrs Banks in his sleep. That’s his old owner’s name. I hope I can be a good owner to Scruffy.

Scruffy and me were talking about Mrs Banks more today. She was very old and poorly and that’s why she had to move to a homes. Scruffy hadn’t even been with Mrs Banks long enough for her to give him a name. That’s why I had to name him. I asked him if he liked being called Scruffy. He said he liked it as much as he likes doggy biscuits. And that’s a lot.

Scruffy and me are definitely friends now. We were playing with his bouncy ball in the park and afterwards he said it was the best day of his life so far. I loved it too.

Daddy was crying last night. He misses Mummy like I do. I tried to be nice to Daddy but when he saw me he told me that he needed to be alone and then he shut the door.

We went to the park again today. Scruffy asked Daddy to buy us all ice creams but Daddy couldn’t hear him. I don’t think he can understand Scruffy like I do. Daddy doesn’t play with us either he just sits on the bench by the big trees. He doesn’t talk to any of the other grownups anymore either.

Scruffy did a widdle on the carpet today and Daddy got very mad. Scruffy was trying to say sorry to him but Daddy wouldn’t listen. He just shouted at Scruffy and said that he was a bad dog. That upset Scruffy and I had to cuddle him and tell him that everything would be okay. Scruffy said later that I was a good mummy. I’ve never been more prouder.

Daddy was looking at old pictures of Mummy today and they make him very sad. He knew Mummy before I was born and they did lots of things together before they had me. They met at big school and were together ever since. Their honeymoon was in Paris.

Scruffy came up with the best ever plan whilst we were at the park today and told it to me. I hope it works.

Today it was time to put Scruffy’s plan into action. I told Daddy that I’m going to be the new mummy of the family and do all the things Mummy used to do. I’m going to look after Daddy. I’m going to look after myself and I’m going to look after Scruffy too. Mummy loved our family and it needs to carry on even if we’re sad. Daddy was agreed.

I saw Daddy playing with Scruffy today. Scruffy was wagging his tail and Daddy was laughing when Scruffy chased after his bouncy ball. Daddy says all three of us are going to go and visit Mummy’s grave tomorrow as a family. I think Scruffy’s plan has worked.

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