Tethered: A Short Story

What follows is text copied from a newspaper clipping, the article dated Saturday, October 27th, 1849.


Saxilby man ‘attacked by ghosts’

A TWENTY-YEAR-old resident of Saxilby, Lincolnshire, is warning travellers to avoid nearby Coombe Wood after being ‘savagely attacked by ghosts’ there.

Mr Ambrose Kinnear, a well-regarded parishioner and son of former beadle, Edwin Kinnear, claims to have been assaulted by ghosts whilst walking through the wood late Saturday last. ‘I often come home that way,’ Mr Kinnear told the Sentinel, ‘but this was to be a night like no other.’ Mr Kinnear said that, in the deepest part of the wood, he was set upon by two spectres. ‘The first,’ Mr Kinnear explained, ‘was a girl. A youth that somehow seemed two-hundred-years-old. She goaded and then attacked me with her vaporous blade. The other, a boy, just stood and stared.’

Mr Kinnear certainly bears the marks of an assault; a deep gash to his right wrist which required five stitches. He is now warning others to ‘avoid Coombe Wood at all costs’ and claims that he only escaped because he was ‘young, fast and without sin.’

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