The Writers’ Conference 2015

Yesterday I attended the Writing East Midlands Writers’ conference at Nottingham University. It was amazing! I met so many interesting people, learned so much at the various talks and I also picked up a load of freebies which is always a bonus!

However, the real highlight was sitting on the Reaching Young Readers and Writers panel. Literary agent, Davinia Andrew-Lynch, authors, Emma Pass (who chaired), Tamsyn Murray and little old me discussed writing for the children’s/YA market, interacting with the readership and using social media to find an audience for your work.

There was also a lot of discussion about implanting an author’s work into other mediums; audio, gaming, film and TV etc. The wonderful audience seemed particularly enthused and engaged with this topic. My view is that utilising multiple formats is a great thing, it allows authors to reach into other audiences and for stories and characters to grow beyond the constraints of their original medium. Davinia in particular was passionate about the opportunities that cross-platforming (did I just make that term up?) can afford the author, and when I think about the success of franchises such as The Walking Dead (from comics and novels to the TV adaptation and games), I think this is something the market will be seeing a lot more of in the coming years.

As for Emma and Tamsyn, their insight into writing and their passion for ‘always putting story first’ had me mesmerised to the point that I forgot to pitch in on that particular section – I was listening that intently!

Anyway, as I understand it the panel was recorded and the audio might become available in the near future. If that happens I will let you know!

4 thoughts on “The Writers’ Conference 2015

  1. That sounds like a really rewarding day. I think Carole Blake from the Blake and Freidman agency was there to o?
    It is an exciting time for writers.

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